Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nyx haul!

The other day I FINALLY found a drug store that carried Nyx cosmetics and of course it was on sale 20% off when I did :) So I picked up a few things. I also did some swatches of everything.

Loose Pearl powders in Jade and Black, Jumbo eye pencils in Black Bean and Milk, a felt tip liner, and the long lash Doll Eye mascara.

Indoor no flash: Jade, Black, Milk, Black Bean, and felt tip liner.

Indoor with flash (I still can't figure out what causes that shadow in the bottom left corner to appear every time I use flash)

I love the Jade shadow, I wore it today as you can see in my previous post. I wore the shadow over Black Bean to make it a more intense colour on the lid. The Black Bean did crease a little bit even over UDPP as it does stay pretty creamy even when blended out. I have yet to try out the other things but will update when I do!

You may also notice that the Jade jar is already empty, no I didn't love it THAT much! I found it impossible to use brushes with the jar it came in (too bad cuz they are cute!) so I took one of the jars I usually have around to transfer shadow samples into so it would make it possible to actually use.

I was disappointed to find out they did not carry the NYX make-up remover or the brushes as I'd been wanting to try those out. While walking around though I did notice they had the Neutrogena remover that Phyrra recommended on her blog and it turned out to be 25% off so I decided to pick up a bottle since I am more than halfway done my Yves Rocher remover. I will let you guys know how it compares later on.

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