Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quick EOTD

I'm trying to practice some work appropriate looks since I will be starting full time on Monday. It will be in an office and I don't know yet how stringent they are on the dress code so I'd rather play it safe for now.

Primer: UDPP
Base: Pixie Epoxy on lid only
Highlight: Moon Child
Lid: Hi-Fi Cosmetics - Ramlin' Rose
Crease: Concrete Minerals - Smut
Upper lashline: Phsycians Formula felt tip liner
Lower lashline: Milani liquify pencil black
Mascara: Wet n' Wild Mega Lash

Lips: Not pictured but wore Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Sweetest Poison
Gloss: None
Face: Bare
Cheeks: Bare 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Bucket list

I haven't posted in sooooo long! Sorry for disappearing guys, I was completing my last semester of university and was way too busy to make any new blog posts, so sorry!

I thought it would be appropriate to post my bucket list here, I decided on 12 things for 2012 :P

1. Post on my blog at least 2 times a week, aiming for 5.
2. Finish all my crochet w.i.p.
3. Learn a new craft (already started on this! Just starting to learn how to knit.)
4. Start a great new career.
5. Lose my last 15lbs.
6. Be able to squat and deadlift 200lbs (doing 115 now).
7. Beat last years time in the Spartan Race.
8. Go on a cruise.
9. Try 12 new foods/ingredients.
10. Learn to play my guitar.
11. Go scuba diving.
12. Read 12 classics. Any suggestions?
      So far I have had suggested:
  • Pride & Prejudice
  • Little Women 
  • Wuthering heights
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  • Endgame

Friday, September 30, 2011


I was inspired by other bloggers and decided to do a sort of snapshot of my life right now, what I'm wearing, what I'm reading, what I bought lately etc.

On my nails:

I finally found a Sally's Beauty in my town so I went a little polish crazy, I normally never buy this much polish in a month or even in a year! I got the regular Orly stuff and Seche Vite at Sally's,the OPI and Essie Matte about you at a Trade Secrets Store and the Fantasy Makers and Orly Color Blast at a Rexall Pharmacy. 

Wet n' Wild Fantasy Makers in Black Magic and Creepy Pumpkin

 Orly Love Each Other, Star Spangled and poor little Galaxy FX Stone Cold didn't make it to the group picture so he gets his own picture.

  Orly Color Blast in Total Eclipse of the Heart, I believe this is their new drugstore brand for Canada, maybe to compete with Opi's Nicole brand?

I took a few pictures to show the duochrome and these were the best 2, it's such a fantastic shifter! It reminds me a lot of Sally's Hansen's Nail Prism in Turquoise Opal.

Sorry about the messy nails I hadn't done clean-up yet. Also I'm wearing Essie's Matte About You on my ring finger as a subtle accent.

I forgot to picture the OPI but it's just a blackened purple, very lovely though. If anyone wants a swatch I'll post one up.


With school started I don't have time to do much with make-up, usually it's slap on some eyeliner and mascara and I'm off to catch the bus. But when I have a bit more time I've been reaching for Fyrinnae, as I've mentioned before I'm doing a Fyrinnae challenge, and I'm trying to use all of my samples at least once each.

I'm also VERY excited about their upcoming collection!! New colours, yay!



Through a Heartsy deal I recently purchased some things from Kuma Crafts
I'm loving my purchase, especially this cute little geeky kitty.
I'll be reviewing the shop soon.


I'm starting on my Halloween costume and I ordered these cute little horns from MetalWaterStudio
I'll be reviewing these as soon as I get to test them out.


I love fall and fall scents so of course I reach for them as soon as the weather cools down. These are my favorites.

I'm using these two perfumes almost daily nowadays:
Samhain from Haus of Gloi and Falling Leaves from OHWTO

I'm scenting my house with Fireside from Bath & Body works, I love the smell of this candle SO much!

What I'm reading:

On my Kindle: I'm almost done this book and I am loving it very much. It's a typical robot apocalypse story but the way it is delivered is great.
If you love to read add me as a friend on my Goodreads account.

 The not so fun reading stuff is all my school textbooks! I'm also reading some random plays for my Comedy & Satire class, those are much more interesting.

I'm also loving my cute little agenda, I love the feel of the leather cover. It's a good size for me and each day is split into half hour sections. I got it at chapters, they are expensive but if you can wait until January is started they usually slash the prices on these.

 Now that school is settled I can get back into a work-out routine and I'll be starting NRLFW on Monday, I'm very excited :) I've heard a lot of good things from people who have used this book, so I'm hoping to see good results, and maybe lose that annoying last 15lbs.

What I'm wearing:

This section isn't very exciting unfortunately lol! I love to dress up but when I'm in school I mostly wear jeans or dress pants and t-shirts.

I get most of my t-shirts from Woot!. This website posts a new shirt every day, and that shirt is then only available for 24 hours at 10$ (plus 5$ shipping if you are outside of the US) after that they stick around for a little bit at 15$ until they are reckoned. I LOVE this website, I've gotten quite a few fantastic shirts from them. Their customer service is also really great, I have never had a problem with them.

Let me know if you guys liked this post and if you would like to see more of them in the future, or maybe you would like to see me do one of these sections more often, let me know in the comments!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

EOTD Polar Bear Night

What I used:

Primer: UDPP
Base: Pixie Epoxy in inner corner of lid
Highlight: None

Inner corner: Fyrinnae LPolar Bear
Lid: Sugarpill Bulletproof
Upper lashline: Sephora cream liner in black
Lower lashline: Milani liquify pencil black
Mascara: Wet n' Wild Mega Lash

Lips: L'oreal Forever Fuschia
Gloss: Milani 3d Glitzy Glamour gloss in Starshine
Face: Bare
Cheeks: Hard Candy Blush in Honeymoon

Sunday, September 18, 2011

EOTD Love Advisory

This is a look I did to go out for my friends birthday.

First off though here is my new hair :) The blue had faded a lot so I decided to add some pink, it mixed with the blue and gave me a gorgeous gradient of pink/purple/blue. It is MUCH brighter in real life, my camera has been hating me lately.

What I used:

Primer: UDPP
Base: Pixie Epoxy on lid only
Highlight: Fyrinnae Moon Child

Inner corner: Fyrinnae Love Potion
Lid: Fyrinnae Parental Advisory
Crease: Sugarpill Bulletproof

Upper lashline: Sephora cream liner in black
Lower lashline: Milani liquify pencil black + Sugarpill Bulletproof
Mascara: Wet n' Wild Mega Lash

Lips: Lip Balm
Face: Bare
Cheeks: Bare

Monday, September 12, 2011


Just a short and sweet video of my little Sita, because after all my blog IS called Cosmetics and Cats :3

Friday, September 9, 2011

Quick EOTD Dressed to Kill in Leopard Print

I LOVED this look, I really can't wait for the weather to cooperate so I can get nice eye pictures again! I only snapped a few pictures because I was in a rush to get to class sorry! I really didn't do justice to how gorgeous and smoky this look was!

Part of my Fyrinnae challenge! This challenge is also allowing me to become better at using my Fyrinnae stuff, I always had a bit of a harder time working with their shadows. However this challenge is giving me the practice I need, my blending is getting much better :)

Sorry about my still wet and scraggly hair :P I also need to redye soon.

What I used:

Primer: UDPP
Base: Pixie Epoxy on lid only
Highlight: Fyrinnae Moon Child

Lid: Fyrinnae Leopard Print Galaxy
Crease: Sugarpill Bulletproof
Upper Crease: Fyrinnae Dressed to Kill

Upper lashline: Nyx Felt tip liner
Lower lashline: Milani liquify pencil black
Mascara: Wet n' Wild Mega Lash

Lips: Lip Balm, later I added Hi-Fi No Day but Today.
Face: Bare
Cheeks: Bare