Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lack of updates

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I've gone over my allowable limit of gigs for my internet so I don't have much access to the internet (I am writing this from school). I will be back on Monday with some great swatches though!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Magic Maid giveaway!

For reaching 1000 followers Magic Maid is having a giveaway check it out here:

EOTD Zombie Barell

Sorry there aren't a lot of pictures for this one they all came out really bad, also that stupid shadow keeps coming up in my pictures and ruining them! Anyone have any ideas what is causing this?

What I used:

Pixie Epoxy all over lid, crease, and on lashline
Evil Shades Double Barell all over lid
Evil Shades Zombie outer V and all over upper crease
24/7 liner in zero in water line and lasline
Hard Candy black cream liner
Nyx Doll eye mascara

On my lips: Fyrinnae's Lip Lustre in Bloodstains

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meow swatches

My next order was with Meow Cosmetics I took advantage of their Birthday sale and of their Friday the 13th collection since it only comes out on Friday the 13.

I got a few shadow samples and 2 foundation samples (not shown in the pictures) in Inquisitive Sphynx and Siamese in the Purrr-fect puss coverage (I think I am going to try their pampered puss formula next), since I have never worn foundation I am not sure if they are a good match. They sort of cover the redness I have on my cheeks and nose but I don't know if I need a darker shade since it does make me a tiny bit paler, or if I took the wrong cat breed so I'm a little lost there.

I do love their shadows, I fell in love with Lace Lingerie and Tropical right away. Also I got 2 free samples which is great since I usually only get 1. Well on to the pictures!

L to R: Lost Rainforest: Tropical, Guilty Pleasures: Lace Lingerie and Midnight Feast, Friday the 13th : Trepidation, Unlucky, Accident, Skeptic, Fate, Cursed, Free sample: Assault, Clara H.

L to R: Friday the 13th: Cursed, Fate, Skeptic, Accident, Unlucky, Trepidation, Free samples: Clara H. and Assault, Guilty Pleasures: Midnight Feast and Lace Lingerie, Lost Rainforest: Tropical

L to R: Friday the 13th: Cursed, Fate, Skeptic, Accident, Unlucky, and Trepidation.

Free samples: Clara H. and Assault, Guilty Pleasures: Midnight Feast and Lace Lingerie, Lost Rainforest: Tropical

Friday, September 17, 2010

Evil Shades sale + New cuticle cream!

As usual Evil Shades is having a weekend sale! Here's a copy of the newsletter:

Weekend Sale/Specials for 9/17-9/19

Liquid Sin gloss $5.00

Mythology full size $3.50

Starz glitter shadows $3.50

Also introducing Evil Shades Bewitching cuticle balm!

I am excited to try her new cuticle cream! Next time I order I will be picking up a sample size of it for sure, I have been wanting to try one for a while now. Once I do I will post a review of it.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nyx haul!

The other day I FINALLY found a drug store that carried Nyx cosmetics and of course it was on sale 20% off when I did :) So I picked up a few things. I also did some swatches of everything.

Loose Pearl powders in Jade and Black, Jumbo eye pencils in Black Bean and Milk, a felt tip liner, and the long lash Doll Eye mascara.

Indoor no flash: Jade, Black, Milk, Black Bean, and felt tip liner.

Indoor with flash (I still can't figure out what causes that shadow in the bottom left corner to appear every time I use flash)

I love the Jade shadow, I wore it today as you can see in my previous post. I wore the shadow over Black Bean to make it a more intense colour on the lid. The Black Bean did crease a little bit even over UDPP as it does stay pretty creamy even when blended out. I have yet to try out the other things but will update when I do!

You may also notice that the Jade jar is already empty, no I didn't love it THAT much! I found it impossible to use brushes with the jar it came in (too bad cuz they are cute!) so I took one of the jars I usually have around to transfer shadow samples into so it would make it possible to actually use.

I was disappointed to find out they did not carry the NYX make-up remover or the brushes as I'd been wanting to try those out. While walking around though I did notice they had the Neutrogena remover that Phyrra recommended on her blog and it turned out to be 25% off so I decided to pick up a bottle since I am more than halfway done my Yves Rocher remover. I will let you guys know how it compares later on.

First EOTD Nyx green

My first EOTD :) It's not all that great but I'm working at getting better. Oh and sorry about the bushy eyebrows, I don't pluck I'm too scared :P

I should also be posting my Nyx haul later on today :)

What I used:
Nyx Jumbo eye pencil in Black Bean as base on lid
Nyx Pearl Mania in Jade all over lid and blended out to brow
Fyrinnae Polar bear on lower lashline
Maybelline expert wear pencil on waterline
Hard Candy Hot Smudge in black to line
Yves Rocher curl extender mascara

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fyrinnae = LOVE

Hi there! So here's my first swatch post and my first Indie order, Fyrinnae! I got a bunch of eyeshadow samples, a Lip Lustre in Bloodstains and of course a sample of Pixie Epoxy. This company does not need another review from me as so many other bloggers have already sung their praises so I will just go on to the pictures!

L to R Glitterboi, Immortality, Fyre & Ice, Pure Sugar, Parental Advisory, Sennyo, Blue Whale (Free Sample), Cheshire Cat Grin, 1.22 Gigawatts.
Top is swatched on bare skin, bottom is on top of Urban Decay Primer Potion.

L to R Glitterboi, Immortality, Fyre & Ice, Pure Sugar, Parental Advisory.

L to R Sennyo, Blue Whale, Cheshire Cat Grin, 1.22 Gigawatts. A.M. Glitterboi (Sorry blurry!) This is an Arcane Magic shade which colour shifts, this one changes from blue to purple depending on light/angle


Fyre & Ice

Pure Sugar

Parental Advisory


Blue Whale (Free Sample)

Cheshire Cat Grin

1.22 Gigawatts

I have to say Pixie Epoxy does take some practice! But do not give up on it, it's SO amazing, it really makes all glitter stay in place and colours are much more vibrant. The key is to use only a TINY bit of the product, if you think there is barely any on your finger then you probably have too much. It's really a thin line between having way too much and not enough.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello blogging world!

Hello everyone!

I've always wanted to try blogging, and well, here's my start!

I've always loved make-up but never really got into it; it never lasted, took too long to do, never came out right, and I couldn't afford MAC, which I then thought was the only worthwhile make-up out there, BOY was I WRONG!

Then I FINALLY decided to get myself a tube of Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer (bought for myself as a reward for losing 25 pounds, but that's a whole other story!) and it completely changed my make-up world! I started reading make-up blogs and found out about all these wonderful indie companies out there and most wonderfully I learned about SAMPLE SIZES, needless to say I was hooked!

So I won't be doing any in-depth reviews quite yet as I have mostly ordered from already well-known Indie companies, but I will be posting swatches, everyone loves swatches, I know I do! I *might* post some EOTD's but they won't be all that great as I am still a beginner.

So keep checking back as I have quite a few swatches already all photographed and ready to go up. First up will of course be the lovely Fyrinnae :) Man I love those guys!