Monday, November 15, 2010

Pixie Epoxy!

I've been wanting to do a review of this amazing product, but after browsing through many blogs and reviews I thought I would just do a round-up of reviews/videos/info etc that I found most useful myself.

(Picture from Fyrinnae's website)

Pixie Epoxy is a product you put on over an eyeshadow primer to make your eyeshadows look foiled without having to mess around with mixing shadows with water or other mixing mediums.

I finally ordered a full size bottle of PE today, I have been using a sample size (which are quite generous) and loving it so I really needed a full size, plus I've been using it to swatch so it won't last forever :P

You can purchase the product HERE. I HIGHLY recommend you check out their shadows too if you haven't yet!

Fyrinnae themselves have a few tips HERE.

Grey from Gothique has a great review on her blog, HERE.

Phyrra also has a really good review on her blog HERE.

Kelleyrie has a great video on how to use PE HERE.

Dolce Aria has a fantastic tutorial on how to use and blend with PE HERE.


  1. I need to order a full size too but I haven't run out of my sample yet, it's lasting me forever!

  2. Aww thanks for linking to my Holy Grail post :)

  3. I was running out of my sample since I use it a lot to swatch, plus I think I'd prefer a doe-foot applicator instead of sticking my finger in a pot.

    No problem! I didn't think it was necessary for me to write yet another review, since so many great bloggers have already done a fine job of it. So I just rounded up all the info I found most useful when I was figuring out how to us PE.

  4. Minou-I did the same. I STILL haven't finished that bitty little sample pot. I got the full size just to be sure I had it though. Let me know how the doefoot works out for you, though. It seems like it would hold way too much product to be useful. I have been dabbing it on my finger, using another finger to remove some, and THEN applying it! It's not very sanitary, though.

    Great information listed! I might have saved myself some trial and error if I'd remembered to search through fyrinnae's tips again before just jumping in and playing with it. Half the information in my link comes from a LOT of swearing and confusion.