Monday, November 15, 2010

Eyebrow waxing/tweezing

So I took the plunge today and booked an appointment at my local Yves Rocher to get my eyebrows waxed/tweezed next Thursday. The website says it is done with tweezers but it is under their waxing procedures, since I have never had it done I'm not sure if I will be waxed first then shaped with tweezers or just tweezered.

So I'm scared! I like how my eyebrows look from far but up close they are so scraggly and aren't doing much for my eotd's on this blog! I hope I don't end up looking weird and/or worse than before!

I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good pair of tweezers for when I want to pluck some stray hairs in between waxings? Either drugstore or Canadian Sephora brands.

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  1. I need to do this too.... I normally wax myself but I've really let them go mad!

  2. I'm really nervous as I've never had anything done to my eyebrows!

  3. You'll love having the waxing done. My favorite tweezers are made by Tweezerman. They're pricey for tweezers, but well worth it.

  4. You don't exactly have to buy the really expensive tweezers. I have a pair of Revelon expert (I wish I had the box for more details), they were only $8, but the best I've come accross. You can just get them at a pharmaprix/shoppers drug mart. Angle tweezers are better that straight, but that is just my opinion.

  5. I finally went with a pair of Revlon for 9$ The Tweezerman at my Sephora's were 26$ and up so I'll wait and see.