Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fyrinnae = LOVE

Hi there! So here's my first swatch post and my first Indie order, Fyrinnae! I got a bunch of eyeshadow samples, a Lip Lustre in Bloodstains and of course a sample of Pixie Epoxy. This company does not need another review from me as so many other bloggers have already sung their praises so I will just go on to the pictures!

L to R Glitterboi, Immortality, Fyre & Ice, Pure Sugar, Parental Advisory, Sennyo, Blue Whale (Free Sample), Cheshire Cat Grin, 1.22 Gigawatts.
Top is swatched on bare skin, bottom is on top of Urban Decay Primer Potion.

L to R Glitterboi, Immortality, Fyre & Ice, Pure Sugar, Parental Advisory.

L to R Sennyo, Blue Whale, Cheshire Cat Grin, 1.22 Gigawatts. A.M. Glitterboi (Sorry blurry!) This is an Arcane Magic shade which colour shifts, this one changes from blue to purple depending on light/angle


Fyre & Ice

Pure Sugar

Parental Advisory


Blue Whale (Free Sample)

Cheshire Cat Grin

1.22 Gigawatts

I have to say Pixie Epoxy does take some practice! But do not give up on it, it's SO amazing, it really makes all glitter stay in place and colours are much more vibrant. The key is to use only a TINY bit of the product, if you think there is barely any on your finger then you probably have too much. It's really a thin line between having way too much and not enough.

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