Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I got my FCKH8 shirt today and was inspired by the pretty purple writing to do a purple look :)

FCKH8 is an organization that is raising awareness about bullying and its consequences. 5$ from each shirt is donated to queer youth suicide prevention organizations. Please visit the website for more information and to purchase shirts and other merchandise.

I love the pretty new headband that I just made :)

What I used:

UDPP on lid and to browbone
Pixie Epoxy on lid
Hi-Fi Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll on lid and above crease
Fyrinnae Shinigami to slightly darken outer vee and crease.
Hi-Fi Crystal Moon as brow highlight.
Maybeline one by one mascara
UD 24/7 liner in Zero on lower lashline
Sephora cream liner in black on upper lashline.

L'oreal magic perfecting base (OMG LOVE THIS!)
Meow Pampered Puss foundation (I have a few samples and I don't remember which one I tried this time!)
Hard Candy Moon Glow
Hard Candy Living Doll blush

Hi-Fi lip glaze in Got the Life.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Caitlin from Shiro Cosmetics just released these! I've already picked up Longcat because well it's Longcat :) I LOVE that they are all based on internet meme's

Here is the description from the listing:

Intertubes are a unique vegan lip product created and produced by Shiro Cosmetics. They each have the moisturizing properties and consistency of a very nice semigloss balm, but the intensity and opacity of each unique color varies too widely for Intertubes as a whole to be described as simply a "tinted balm," a "lipstick," or a "stain." Therefore, I've decided it's most accurate to call them "tubes of win" and expand upon each color in its individual listing.

The following pictures are from the Etsy listings and are all property of Caitlin/Shiro Cosmetics.
A Series of Tubes - All 10 Intertubes - Full-Sized Vegan Tubes of Win - FREE SHIPPINGA Series of Tubes - All 10 Intertubes - Full-Sized Vegan Tubes of Win - FREE SHIPPINGA Series of Tubes - All 10 Intertubes - Full-Sized Vegan Tubes of Win - FREE SHIPPINGA Series of Tubes - All 10 Intertubes - Full-Sized Vegan Tubes of Win - FREE SHIPPING

Venomous Cosmetics giveaway by Phyrra

Phyrra is having a great giveaway of a pressed shadow quad from Venomous Cosmetics.


This company looks great and I cannot wait to try them out! I love that they have pressed shadows and pressed SAMPLES! I usually press most samples I get into 15mm pans so being able to buy them pre-pressed sounds great!

Wal-Mart and Sephora shoppings!

First of all a big welcome to all my new followers! Glad to see all of you :)

I'd also like to say a big thank you to Wendi from Makeup Zombie for featuring me on her blog!

I've done a little shopping this week and here is what I picked up from Wal-Mart:

I got:
- A set of new make-up bags, Eeeeee Zebra :P

- The new Maybeline One by One Volum' express mascara.

- FINALLY found the Wet n' Wild cream liner, got that in black.

- L'oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base, I've seen a few bloggers review this and love so I thought I'd give it a try, though applying one more face product in the morning is annoying lol!

- Hard Candy blush in Honeymoon, I already own Living Doll and it is so far my favourite blush, so I thought I would give another of their blushes a try.

-Wet n' Wild Don't Steal My Thunder palette. I have yet to find any of the new palettes in stores. Have any fellow Canadians managed to find any, or have they not reached us yet? I was also unable to find any of the Holiday palettes :( This one is pictured separately only because I forgot to include it in the first picture and once I realized that I had already unpackaged all my new goodies!

Here is what I got from Sephora's:

I made two trips for all of this lol!

- I picked up the wrong pencil liner the first time around, I guess I did not grab the one I had tested. I will review both but I'll just say right now the new Sephora waterproof flash pencil does not even apply to my waterline let alone stay there. So I went back to pick up the Sephora brand khol liner which stays as well on my waterline as UD's 24/7 liners, which is for not very long but longer than any other brand so far.

- I got the Sephora Black Smoky liner first and then loved it so much I went back to pick up a brown. I preferred Statue Bronze over the regular matte brown but they were sold out. The MUA offered me a sample and she took down my phone number so they could call me when it comes in.

- I also got the Sephora brand double ended Winged Brush on sale for 8$ instead of the regular 23$! I'd been coveting that brush for so long! I tried it out and few times and I love it so I went back to pick up a second one while it was still on sale.

Finally here is my Sita kitty laying on the other end of my yoga mat while I was taking pictures of my new goodies. I love it when she lays like this with her little pawpaws half in the air, it's so adorable! You would swear she was posing, everytime I took a picture she shifted in a new position :3

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Etsy window shopping Kitties

A few things I came across that I'd love to eventually have :) Click on pictures to be taken to the listing.

Winter Kitty- natural perfume oil
Cheeseburger Lol-Cat CharmAdorable Cat Index Stickers (2 sheets)My Little Cabbage - Mon Petit Chou - Art Print - 8x10Kitty Chapstick Container pattern PDF

Monday, January 10, 2011

FOTD Wild Obscenity

What I used:

Concrete Minerals Electric eye primer on lid and crease.
Pixie Epoxy same as above.
Fyrinnae Moon Child as highligher.
Hi-Fi Verge of Obscene on lid and blended out a little above crease.
Hi-Fi Paparazzi flash powder glitter Real Wild Child, I applied a little more PE on top of my shadow and then patted on the glitter in upper corners above crease.
24/7 liner in Zero on waterline and lower lashline.
Lash Blast Fusion mascara in black brown (I bought the wrong colour grrrrr.)

Hi-Fi Got the Life.

Meow Pampered Puss in Frisky Korat.
Hard Candy Moon Glow.
Evil Shades Gossamer blush (though once again you cannot see it in the pictures).

Friday, January 7, 2011

EOTD Simple Sorceress

You can tell my looks were getting simpler as the week went on lol! I simply used sorceress on my lid as I was tired and in a rush that morning. When I only have time for one shadow I ALWAYS reach for Fyrinnae and pretty much always for an Arcane Magic since they are so gorgeous and complex they easily stand on their own. I actually got a compliment at school on this super simple look.

I tried to take pictures in different angles and lighting to show the awesome colour change but I failed miserably lol.

What I used

Pixie Epoxy
Fyrinnae Sorceress on lid
Kryolan aquacolours in black to line upper lashline
UD 24/7 in Zero on waterline
Nyx Dolleye mascara

Bane from Evil Shades

Hard Candy Welcome matte
Meow Pampered Puss in Frisky Korat
Evil Shades blush in Backtalk

Thursday, January 6, 2011

EOTD Futuristic White

Here is a quick look I did for school yesterday. It was quick but I ended up really loving it! I need a full size of Snow White! It is THE best matte black ever.

I don't like how this picture makes it look unblended, I swear IRL it looks and is well blended.

I was fooling around making silly faces but I like this one because it nicely shows the eyeshadow lol!

Another silly face, I was trying to show off my new earrings that I got for X-mas from the BF. They are from Putumayo designs on Etsy.

You can also see my crappily applied blush. I'm still practicing since I have never used blush before, if anyone has any tips I'd greatly appreciate it :)

What I used:

UDPP on lid.
Pixie Epoxy in inner corners only.
Fyrinnae Futuristic Glamrock in inner corners.
Fyrinnae Snow White on rest of lid and blended into Futuristic Glamrock.
UD 24/7 liner on waterline.
Nyx Dolleyes mascara.

Hi-Fi Not day but Today, I LOVE this lippie!

Hard Candy blush in Living Doll.
Meow Pampered puss Frisky Korat.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

EOTD Rupee Deku

This was my EOTD for my first day back to University yesterday, for yet another semester (can you tell I'm anxious to graduate? :P)

Also I have to stop being lazy and put up the swatches for these :P These pictures do not do Deku justice AT ALL, it is SUCH a lovely colour! Shiro is the only company so far that has made me like browns!

What I used:

UDPP all over lid, crease, and slightly above crease.
PE same as above.
Shiro Rupee all over lid and above crease.
Shiro Deku in crease and outer vee.
Hard Candy brown cream liner on upper lashline.
UD 24/7 liner in zero on waterline and lower lashline.
Nyx dolleyes mascara.

Although you can't see in the picture I had Evil Shades Daydream blush on.
Hard Candy Welcome matte on oil prone spots.
Meow's Pampered puss in Frisky Korat.
Hard Candy Moon Glow.