Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Moi Minerals review + Swatches

I was first interested in Moi Minerals, owned by Holly, mostly because it is the first Canadian indie make-up company I have come across. I was browsing the Facebook page when I came across a picture of some pressed shadows in a pretty palette that Holly made and sold a while back and I was interested. I first sent a message through Facebook to ask about creating a custom pressed palette, waited a week or so, no response. Then I emailed Holly through her companies e-mail, STILL no response! I was a bit insulted to be ignored twice so for a while I ignored the company, but the colours looked really nice so about a month later she had a free shipping sale so I decided to take the plunge anyways and ordered 10 samples.

She shipped out a fair while after I ordered, but I received in an acceptable amount of time (I am in Canada though and I have heard some U.S. customers complain about shipping time).

The baggies are pretty cheap, they rip very easily.

No free samples, I was surprised by this as every company I've bought from in the past have always included at least 1 free sample.

With all this said though I do really like most of the eyeshadows I got. Here are the shades I got, swatched over a thin layer of PE and in varying degrees of sunlight:

Chrome Blue: I really like this blue, it is chrome-ish but not as metallic as the name would suggest.

Risque: This colour is a nice, basic teal colour.

Hot as Hell: Another nice but basic colour, I have a few shadows that are similar to this one.

Snap: I really like this bright green!

Diego: Now this one is neat, I don't own anything like it. It's a taupe base with blue duochrome, stunning over a black base.

Cactus sun: Also a neat colour, a sort of sand-colour base with a green duochrome, also looks great over a black base.

Mercy: This is my favorite colour of the bunch! It's hard to explain the colour as it changes but it's a very metallic shade which I LOVE. It' sort of pinkish/brown.

Zombie Princess: Now this one I really did not like. It was not as dark as the listing suggested, it was also chalky and difficult to apply even just to swatch.

Crazy Bitch: I really like this colour, it is very similar to Evil Shades Cerberus but not quite as pretty.

Pluto: I really like this purple very dark and not like anything I own, and I own a lot of purples!

Would I buy again?: Maybe. The shadows seem to be pretty hit or miss, some are standard while some are really neat. I am considering getting full sizes of Mercy, Pluto, Diego, and Cactus Sun, but I'm still a little miffed at having my e-mails ignored.

I also went ahead and bought all the supplies from TKB, including the same palette, to press the shadows myself.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Meow Xmas Trees swatches

I love greens so when I saw these I had to get them! Pictures taken in overcast daylight on top of a light layer of Pixie Epoxy.

Taken with flash:

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Little Hiatus

Hi everyone! So I'm not taking a complete hiatus but I just wanted to let you all know I won't be posting very often from now until after the Holidays and that is because I am in exam period at University and then I will be visiting my parents and in-laws for a good part of the Holidays.

I will try my best to post here and there and I promise to post more after the Holidays, I have SO many swatches and reviews to post!

I will be posting the Meow Holiday shadows that I got soon! I got the full Xmas trees sample set and the full X-mas Rant sample set plus a few other random samples from the Holiday series.

Hugs & Kittycats,


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

World AIDS day FOTD

This is my FOTD for world AIDS day.

Sorry for the blurry and dark pictures, it is very dark and dreary outside today, and I have no idea why all my pictures were coming out blurry today, I really need a tripod!

This picture is my attempt to better show the Frosty Water by Yves Rocher that I used to highlight my cheekbones.

What I used:

UDPP lid to eyebrow
Pixie Epoxy on lid
Hi-Fi Hot Rod on lid and above crease
Evil Shades Zombie in crease and outer vee
Kryolan aqua colours wet to line upper lashline
UD 24/7 liner in Zero on lower lashline and waterline

Fyrinnae lip lustre in Okinawa Beauty

Meows Purrrfect Puss in Inquisitive Sphynx
Yves Rocher Frosty Water

Hugs & Kittycats,