Saturday, April 2, 2011

Morgana Cryptoria Lippie swatches!

I'm still super busy with school but I finally finished swatching all the lipstick samples I bought from Morgana Cryptoria a while back and wanted to share!

So get ready for a massive amount of swatches below!

I took all these in sunlight with no flash and applied with a lip brush.

Violet Banana:
This one is gorgeous, you can't see it in the pictures but in real life the purple shift is very obvious and gorgeous!

Very Strawberry:
Pretty colour, I like this one :)

Twinkling Rubies:
I wish I had been able to capture the pretty red sparkles in this lippie, very pretty and not overly glittery just a nice light touch.

Tangerine Twist:
This is a nice light almost pastel orange but shimmery.

Shrieking Violet:
This one was a little difficult to apply and the colour isn't a favourite of mine.

Shifting Violet:
Now this is a gorgeous purple, I actually find it quite wearable and it was easy to apply.

I REALLY like this one, easy to apply and really work on me.

Roses & Violets:
This one is a very light pink with a bit of a violet shift, very pretty but a little too subtle for me personally.

Pumpkin Eater:
This one is gorgeous and very easy to apply, unfortunately it does not work with my skin tone at all.

This one is my favourite! Very unique yet still subtle and wearable colour.

I really love this colour, my swatch does this lippie NO justice it is SO much prettier in person!

I surprisingly really like this one, it was easy to apply and I actually love the pink stain it leaves behind.

Love Lies Bleeding:
Nice basic red, I like this one.

I know my swatch looks messy but I was trying to do these quickly, it actually applies evenly and very opaque. Finally found a black lippie I like!

Oh my! I love this one! Another of my favourites! Such a nice bright gold, I must do a look with this and Sugarpill Goldiluxe

Gilded Lime:
I really like this green a lot, I wore it for St-Patty's day and I got compliments on it.

Gilded Cerise:
Very pretty pink and again I couldn't capture the pretty gold shift to it.

Fire in the sky:
As the name suggests this does have a fiery flash to it which is SO pretty!

Enchanted Sapphire:
This one was a little difficult to apply evenly, but it is a nice bold colour.

Enchanted Emerald:
I don't know why it looks so patchy in the picture since in person it looks even and very pretty.

Pretty pink, I really like this one.

Azalea Blue:
Now this is my FAVOURITE! Look how plump and pretty it make my lips look compared to the other swatch pics! I NEED this in full size!

This was my least favourite, it applied patchy and uneven I couldn't really get the colour to show up well.

I'm officially on the bandwagon of love for Morgana lippies!

To recap here are my top favorites:
Azalea Blue
Gold Rush
Fire in the Sky

I am missing a sample of 24 karat Pumpkin from my order but I didn't want to bother asking for a replacement for a 1$ sample, I may just mention it next time I make an order.