Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Moi Minerals review + Swatches

I was first interested in Moi Minerals, owned by Holly, mostly because it is the first Canadian indie make-up company I have come across. I was browsing the Facebook page when I came across a picture of some pressed shadows in a pretty palette that Holly made and sold a while back and I was interested. I first sent a message through Facebook to ask about creating a custom pressed palette, waited a week or so, no response. Then I emailed Holly through her companies e-mail, STILL no response! I was a bit insulted to be ignored twice so for a while I ignored the company, but the colours looked really nice so about a month later she had a free shipping sale so I decided to take the plunge anyways and ordered 10 samples.

She shipped out a fair while after I ordered, but I received in an acceptable amount of time (I am in Canada though and I have heard some U.S. customers complain about shipping time).

The baggies are pretty cheap, they rip very easily.

No free samples, I was surprised by this as every company I've bought from in the past have always included at least 1 free sample.

With all this said though I do really like most of the eyeshadows I got. Here are the shades I got, swatched over a thin layer of PE and in varying degrees of sunlight:

Chrome Blue: I really like this blue, it is chrome-ish but not as metallic as the name would suggest.

Risque: This colour is a nice, basic teal colour.

Hot as Hell: Another nice but basic colour, I have a few shadows that are similar to this one.

Snap: I really like this bright green!

Diego: Now this one is neat, I don't own anything like it. It's a taupe base with blue duochrome, stunning over a black base.

Cactus sun: Also a neat colour, a sort of sand-colour base with a green duochrome, also looks great over a black base.

Mercy: This is my favorite colour of the bunch! It's hard to explain the colour as it changes but it's a very metallic shade which I LOVE. It' sort of pinkish/brown.

Zombie Princess: Now this one I really did not like. It was not as dark as the listing suggested, it was also chalky and difficult to apply even just to swatch.

Crazy Bitch: I really like this colour, it is very similar to Evil Shades Cerberus but not quite as pretty.

Pluto: I really like this purple very dark and not like anything I own, and I own a lot of purples!

Would I buy again?: Maybe. The shadows seem to be pretty hit or miss, some are standard while some are really neat. I am considering getting full sizes of Mercy, Pluto, Diego, and Cactus Sun, but I'm still a little miffed at having my e-mails ignored.

I also went ahead and bought all the supplies from TKB, including the same palette, to press the shadows myself.


  1. I ordered from moi a while ago. I'm in canada and shipping took 2 weeks which i was surprised at. I did get 1 free sample (of a new unreleased colour) :( The baggies do suck though.
    I've wanted to try diego and crazy bitch but just haven't gotten around to it.

  2. I received a shipped order notification just a few days after having ordered but when I finally got the order the date on the envelope said it had only shipped a few days before I actually received it. Yes the baggies suck if I had not emptied them to press they would have ripped open after just a few uses.

    I do really like Diego and Crazy Bitch but I'm not entirely comfortable recommending that you buy them.

  3. I have 2 full sizes from Moi, Hot as Hell and Galaxy. Galaxy is really pretty so if you ever decide to order again I recommend that one :) I know what you mean about iffy customer service though. I live in the US and it took me like over 3 weeks to get my order, and I didn't get any sort of communication. I didn't mind much though because it was during a sale so I just figured they were busy. Pluto looks GORGEOUS. If they have another sale I might have to pick that one up :)

  4. I might order again if she has a good sale. Also Pluto IS gorgeous!

  5. That sucks about the customer service. The colors look great. But my theory is, there are so many MMU companies out there, I'm going to shop where there is good customer service.

  6. I've always gotten great customer service and several free samples from Moi. Although, I do agree, shipping can be quite slow. I love her Royal Rose - I use it as shadow, blush, everything!

  7. I really like Pluto.
    But smh, bad customer service and lack of communication are such a total dealbreaker for me. Too bad. :(

  8. It seems this company is pretty hit or miss some people have great experiences some not so much.

  9. Aww that's too bad about the customer service. I was curious about this company. Diego is similar to Fyrinnae's Damn Paladins, a taupe with a blue highlight.

  10. Too bad about the customer service and poor packaging. It would have been nice to have some Canadian independent companies to order from! A few people bought me makeup for Christmas from several different American independent company websites and while all of their customer service experiences have been excellent, none of the packages made it here for Xmas! SAD!!! I want my makeup presents!! I hate when things get stuck at the border! I really love Pluto, what a great cool dark purple, I want it!

  11. @Phyrra, it really is too bad about the customer service she seems so nice on her fb page but doesn't answer my emails :S I will have to inclue Damn Paladins in my next Fyrinnae order, sounds so pretty!

    @Vulcan_Butterfly, I was also excited about finding a Canadian company so it really is too bad, hopefully the company will improve with time, I will re-check it in a few months time.

    Pluto really is fabulous :)

    It is terrible how long the shipping time is from the US to Canada, even with companies like Shiro who usually ship same or next day it takes 1 to 1.5 weeks to get here! Stupid post offices lol. Fyrinnae is the fastest one, once it's shipped, it only takes about 3-4 days to get to me.

    I was lucky and everything I ordered came in on time, I was gone for a week and just back to quickly drop stuff off on x-mas day and EVERYTHING I ordered was stuffed into my mailbox, it made for a very happy x-mas for me as I was not expecting them all!

  12. I purchased a sampler pack and received a few extra samples... My order took quite long to arrive too (I'm also in Canada) but I noticed that the day my package was shipped was actually a week after my etsy purchase was updated as having been shipped.
    BUT four of my baggies ripped right across the teeth on one side, so I had to cut the bag to get them out. I sent an message to Holly via etsy, regarding the bags along with photos. I didn't have any spare jars lying around so I actually just ended up chucking the ones that had ripped. She responded fairly quick (I believe next day) and said a lot of customers had mentioned the bags had been ripping, but because she has a lot of stock left...she won't be changing them until she ran out. She didn't offer to replace the bags, but instead a discount code for my next purchase which I declined. She's extremely friendly and some of the shades are fairly unique, and does have FB sales quite often.