Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New boots :3

I'd been looking for a nice pair of army inspired boots for a while now. Whenever I looked in stores they were always too girlified, or the bottom was flat with no grip, or they didn't have a toe cap and so on.

I decided to try my chance online and found this shop: Street Moda and these boots, the Nana Pole Climber boots:

The picture they used on their website is a stock picture that every other store that sells these boots also uses, but it is very accurate, my boots look just like the picture. This is what they look like on me:

Shipping was incredibly quick and cheap, they sent out my package next day with Fedex 2 day international. I bought them the 15th they shipped the 16th and I got them on the 18th. I was pleasantly surprised because the website says they use DHL and that it takes 15-45 days to ship to Canada but Fedex was used.

They are a little big on me but Nana does not make half sizes and I am a 7.5 so I ordered an 8, the 7 would have been too small so I wear big socks and they are fine. They are veggie leather so they are a bit stiff, also the sole is a little hard but I slapped in some Dr. Scholls inserts and they are fine now.

I have already ordered 3 more pairs of shoes from this store :P I am super worried about the fit which is always something to worry about when purchasing online, but at these prices I can easily sell them off if they don't fit, I paid 99$ including shipping for all 3 pairs.


  1. Weeeeee! I just bought a pair of the same as you. Also a pair of the Jessica Simpson Coffi

    I hope you don't mind my shoe copying but as I live in Australia I doubt we will ever be embarrassed by seeing each other out in them hahaha

  2. @ Vulcan, they really are!

    @ Lycanthropica, those boots are totally on my wishlist and part of my next buy! We can be shoe twins :P Did you get the charcoal or the all black?

  3. Congratulations for finding the boots, they look very nice. I absolutely love my combat boots - would not have survived without them. "Pretty" boots are all so bloody slippery during winter. I order mine from Estonian manufacturer, Aipi. :)

  4. I would like if you want to send another photo with nana boots thank you