Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Evil Shades eye primer VS. Urban Decay eye primer

I've been looking for a cheaper, indie alternative to the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion for a while now, so when Evil Shades released one I pounced on the "naked" version since I love all of Andrea's eyeshadows and lipsticks so much.

I hate to admit this, but I was dissapointed.

When I first received the primer I was worried there might be disappointment, the jar came in all oily and no matter how much I wiped it, it left a ring of oil wherever I set it down for a while. Then when I opened it up I could see it had not been well blended. I still had my hopes up so I blended it myself and decided to give it a go.

I put Evileyes on my right eye, your left in the following pictures, and UDPP on my left, your right. Evileyes goes on very silky and smooth, I do love the texture. I then put on some shimmery shadows (Shiro Cosmetics Rupee and Deku). Right away I could tell a difference, Evil Shades makes the shadows MUCH more sparkly and shimmery. Here is a picture in the morning immediately after doing all my make-up, you can see the Evileyes side is more vibrant and shimmery.

Picture taken in morning sunlight.

I wore this all day and when it came time to take it off I was disappointed to see the Evil Shades had creased and my shadow had faded a lot compared to UDPP.

Picture taken at night under fluorescent bathroom lighting.

Then I decided to test a bunch of different shadows on my hand and discovered that it is NOT compatible at all with matte shades, I decided to re-test and take pictures, you can see below that the first three matte shades don't work at all they gum up and look gross. On the other hand it does make the shimmery shadows I picked look very vibrant and helps to hold the sparkles.

The shadows I swatched are these: Kryolan pressed matte shadow colour AB42 (turquoise), L'Oreal Hip Duo in Flamboyant (the purple colour), Evil Shades Heartless Queen, Evil Shades Reondite, and Shiro Cosmetics Midna.

And here comes my biggest disappointment of all for me, Pixie Epoxy does not work AT ALL with the Evil Shades primer. PE rolls and gums up, it never becomes tacky and just plain does not work, I've tried applying them both all sorts of ways but nothing worked.

- Silky texture.
- Makes shimmery and glittery shadows more vibrant.

- Creases and fades faster than with UDPP.
- Does not work with matte eyeshadows.
- Does not work with Pixie Epoxy.

Would I buy again: No
I have very oily lids so this may work for other people, but I could not make it work with matte shadows or PE.

I almost did not write this review because I love Andrea, she has fantastic eyeshadows and even greater lipsticks. In the end though I had to write this, I couldn't pretend it just didn't happen. I knew when I started blogging that I might have to write posts like this.

I'm still hoping I got a bad batch but I would not buy the primer again, I will however remain a loyal customer for her eyeshadows, blushes, and lipsticks.

Hugs & Kittycats



  1. Thanks so much for this review. I was interested in her primer, but never ordered any. I just found TFSI and have decided to not try any other primers at this time.

    And even though a company has one flop of a product, that will not hinder me from continuing to order from them. Thanks for an honest review!

  2. I will for sure continue ordering from Evil Shades I LOVE everything else I've ever gotten from her!

  3. I have very oily lids and I've never had any luck with indie made primers. Thanks for reviewing it.

  4. Thanks for reviewing this, I've rather intrigued by it for quite some time now but now I'll just stay away

  5. Damn that's disappointing :( I hope it's just a bad batch. Thanks for the really honest review.

  6. @ Lucy, I have 2 more Indie primers coming in to test, I hope I'll eventually find one!

    @ Mai, No problem :3

    @ SS, I'm also really hoping it was just a bad batch, and no problem!

  7. That's too bad :( If you are looking for a good indie primer, I would recommend the one from Concrete Minerals. It works as well as UDPP for me.

  8. I did order the Concrete Minerals primer, as soon as it comes in I will test that one out also.