Monday, November 8, 2010

Sugarpill Goldilux swatches

I'm SO happy I bought this shadow! It's pretty expensive compared to other Indie companies (with shipping to Canada it came up to 20$) but I've seen so many swatches and no other shadow seemed to even come close to Goldilux's awesomeness, I just had to have it! You also get A LOT of product in your jar.

I don't know that I would buy any of the other loose shadows as they seem to me to be pretty standard shades that I can get pretty close dupes of for cheaper from other indie companies. I do, however, one day plan on get myself the Burning Heart and Sweetheart palettes :P

I know this has been swatched by everyone already but I'm so proud of owning this shadow I just had to share anyways :D

Swatched from Left to Right on: Bare skin, Urban Decay Primer Potion, Pixie Epoxy

With flash

Shaded sunlight

Direct sunlight


  1. I loooooove Goldilux, sometimes I open the jar just to stare at it because it looks like pure gold in a jar :D

    Yes, I realise that's kinda creepy LOL

  2. Waaaaa, I want this! It's the only one I'm really lusting after from the loose shadows. I'll have to treat myself one day.

    Oh, I givded you a blog award :)

  3. It is definitely worth the money!

    I also open up my jars and stare at the prettiness so we can both be creepy :P

    Yay an award! My very first, thank you so much Robyn! You really do need to treat yourself to this shadow, if anyone is to own only one Sugarpill product this is it!