Sunday, November 21, 2010

EOTD Teal + waxed eyebrows

Last Friday's EOTD. I really like these colours, I think they suit me very well well :3

This also shows my finally waxed eyebrows! This was the first time I ever did anything to my eyebrows. As you can see it's made me break out a little bit but OHWTO's Black Magic soap is really helping to calm that down (I will review the store and that soap soon!). I bought some Revlon tweezers and I hope to continue my eyebrow upkeep by just tweezing instead of going back to get waxed all the time.

What do you all do for your eyebrow upkeep routine?

What I used:
(All eyeshadows used are by Evil Shades)
UDPP all over lid and above crease
Pixie Epoxy all over lid and about crease
Elf Star in inner corner
Reodite on lid and slightly blended over crease
Wanderflower in outer V and slightly above crease
UD's 24/7 liner in Zero
Nyx Dolleye mascara

I should have lined this look, I think it would have looked better.

Hugs & Kittycats,



  1. Ilove these colors on you.
    I tweeze my brows, though I'm letting them grow back in right now. :o(

  2. I go get my brows waxed. I try to tweeze in between but I tear up so bad it's hard to see when my eyes are watering. I love the teals you used. Gorgeous.

  3. Your eyebrows look great! I pluck mine, not brave enough to wax them! Teals look lovely with your hair!

  4. Brows look great! I've never waxed mine, but I do trim and pluck them. I've always wanted to go in and have a professional do them, but have never got around to it.

    Very pretty look! Love the blue highlights in your hair!

  5. Oooh these blue-y teal shades are gorgeous with your eye colour.

    I'm lazy as hell with getting my eyebrows waxed, I only get it done like every 6 months or when the shape is just lost altogether XD I tweeze inbetween but never manage to get all the hairs =/

  6. Brown eyes are the best companions for blue eye shadows :)

  7. @ Evil, Thanks :3 Are you letting them grow out to re-shape them?

    @ Phyrra, mine don't water so I should be ok to tweeze. Thank you :3

    @ Aoife, The waxing really didn't hurt, but then I've been tattooed and peirced lol. I love my hair in blue, it needs to be re-dyed though!

    @ Peach, I always put off doing anything with my brows, they looked fine, but when I started my blog they didn't look so nice in the close ups. So when I got a 30% off in the mail from my Yves Rocher store I decided to do it. The "highlights" are actually just a long strip of hair I dyed with a bit of undyed hait on top it looks like highlights without all the trouble :)

    @ SS, Thank you :3 I'll try to tweeze but knowing myself I might start forgetting and have to get waxed again :P

    @ LiisK, Thank you I thought so too, greens look pretty good on me too, I think it brings out the green that is among the brown in my eyes.

  8. Thanks everyone for all the comments! Not used to answering so many :3 I'll have to see if there is a way to answer each comment individually like in your blog Phyrra.