Sunday, October 3, 2010

Evil Shades Review + Swatches

I really really love Evil Shades! Evil Shades and Fyrinnae are definitely tied for my love, I adore Fyrinnae's complex colours, but ES also has gorgeous colours and I find them much easier to apply and blend, they are so creamy.

This was my very first order with Andrea from Evil Shades , not long after I made another order and a week after that my amazing boyfriend offered me another order! Both contain Winks & Kisses sets plus a few samples. I loved this first order so much I just had to have a few full sizes. I'm still waiting on that last order but as soon as it comes in I will post both at the same time.

For this first order I got a sample set of 15 eyeshadows that Andrea picks at random (it says random but she sends colours that go very well together) and the sample set of all 13 of her lippies. I don't have lip swatches, only hand swatches of the lippies as they never ever seem to come out right when I try to photograph them on my lips. But I will often use them for my EOTD's so you can check those out.

I applied these with a lip brush instead of just gooping it on like I see many make-up bloggers do, I find that this way shows much more accurately how sheer or opaque a product is, and shows the colours more accurately also.

L to R Fateful, Stiletto, Devilista, Corruption, Bane, Primrose Path, Ardour, Diabolical, Evince, Fiendish, Zirna, Reign, and Zicke.

Indoors no flash.

Outdoors full sunlight, no flash.

Indoors with flash

I LOVE these lippies, they are the only ones I have so far found that stay on my lips for more than 10 minutes! Whenever I've bought lipsticks from the drugstore in the past they always felt slimy on my lips and they didn't stay around for long. These feel nice and creamy and stay for a good while even through drinking water all the time. They also don't bother me as they don't feel goopy or sticky at all (I hate lip gloss can you tell?) they feel like a light lip balm would.

After this order I've purchased Bane, Primrose Path, Devilista, and Stiletto in full sizes. My absolute favorite has to be Devilista, it's SUCH a gorgeous true red! I still apply with a lip brush from the tube though as the chapstick like tube applies all over the place.

I would like to get Ardour and maybe Evince or Fiendish next. Ardour does a funny colour change on me though, it applies nice and bright orange but then changes to a pretty coral colour. As you can see in my swatch picture on my hand it remains a nice orange but it won't on my lips, no clue why but I don't care I LOVE the colour it changes to!

L to R: Abyss, Acolyte, Chusi, Devil's Bonfire, Double Barrel, Elf Star (Free Gift), Gift River, Heartless Queen, Mordant, Necropolis, Neritic, Nymphette, Phyrra's Fantasy, Reondite, Wanderflower, and Zombie

L to R: Abyss, Acolyte, Chusi, Devil's Bonfire, Double Barrel, Neritic, Nymphette, Phyrra's Fantasy, Reondite, and Wanderflower.

Elf Star (Free Gift), Gift River, Heartless Queen, Mordant, Necropolis, and Zombie.

Heartless Queen is the star here, it is such a beautiful true matte red! I do love all the shadows I got though and have purchased 6 of these as full sizes already :) I think I may just have to have all or her Stars collection, those glitters are SO beautiful! With Pixie Epoxy they stay on great and last long.


  1. Oooh, I like Reign a lot! I was going to buy Zicke but I think I might try Reign. I only have one ES lippy, Corruption, but you're right, it lasts ages and for the colour that it is to not have to touch it up after two or three hours is pretty darn good.

  2. Unfortunately Andrea has discontinued Reign and it is no longer available, she was having problems with the formula being consistent. But Zicke really is pretty.