Friday, February 11, 2011

Concrete Minerals review and swatches

Hi as promised here is my Concrete Minerals review post!

Before I get started I just wanted to let you all know, when I say review it's more like "My Thoughts". I am no expert in makeup and I don't know much about ingredients and such. I just wanted to let you all know that the reviews I do are simply the impressions of a novice make-up lover, which is still good! :3

I ordered the review kit from Concrete Minerals a while back, I had first ordered their primer (which I will review in another post) and had received a free sample which I really liked so I thought I would give their other shadows a try too.

All pictures are taken in different natural lighting, no flash. All shadows swatched over a thin layer of Pixie Epoxy.

Top: Smut & Seance
Middle: Ruse & Detox
Bottom: Free sample Wicked

Blurred to show sparkly goodness.

You can get the shade descriptions from the Concrete Minerals store on Etsy but here are my thoughts:

Smut: this one is hard to describe, it's gorgeous. Sort of a taupe but pinkish-gold.
Seance: Dark purple almost black base with a flash of purple on top.
Ruse: A nice yellow gold.
Detox: LOVE this one I'd been looking around for a nice mint green for a while now! Almost matte with a nice sheen of delicate sparklies.
Wicked: This one make me think a bit of Fyrinnae's Faerie Glamour, but it shifts less dramatically. A nice purple base with blue sparklies.

(Sorry I'm not too good at describing shades!)

I really love all of these shadows, and I REALLY like that the samples come in jars instead of baggies (I'm starting to become overrun with baggies!). When I do swatches I often keep them on my hand for a while after to keep admiring the sparklies and to put them under test as far as staying power, these stayed for a good while even after brushing against a bunch of stuff.

Buy again?:

I would definitely buy again, I love all the shadows I got.

Side note: Am I the only Canuck having to now wait 2.5 weeks for stuff to arrive from the states? It used to take 1-1.5 weeks but now it's taking WAY longer.


  1. Yay! I'm glad you got Wicked, I really love that one.

  2. Hey there. I'm in Ottawa and stuffs been taking forever to get to me. It's been like that for the past month, no sure what's going on. Normally it's like 7 business days max but lately it's been double that. Thought I was the only one. I'm glad its not just me!!

  3. O.O I'm right next to Ottawa, in Hull! *Waves* So yeah we're in the same boat with packages taking forever!

  4. (sigh) My orders from USA to Mexico used to take 2.5 weeks, now they're more on the 2 month line. Even stuff from Europe and Asia is getting here way sooner.


  5. Could the delay be due to the bad weather? Nice swatches, just noticed another couple of colours I want to add to my wishlist :)

  6. I have Smut and really love that one. Wicked looks hot!

    I'm in Manitoba, and I'm waiting on a ton of orders that were shipped a month ago in early January :(

  7. @ Helga, man that really sucks! I wonder what's going on with usps?

    @Martian, I thought it might be but the bad weather has long passed and for us it was only 1 day. Thanks I try :3

    @Amber, I LOVE Smut even though I haven't tried it in a look yet! Not sure what to pair it with I might try it alone on the lid to start. I think usps has decided it hates shipping out of country!