Thursday, February 10, 2011


So sorry I've been missing for almost a month now! I am SO busy with my University courses!
I have SO much to show you though, I am so behind! I have some Halloween shadows I haven't even gotten around to showing you! To be fair I did get them as a Christmas present but still! Here's some things you can look forward too when I come back (which I am still not sure when):

(These aren't in any order except for the Concrete minerals, I'll be doing that ASAP)

Concrete Minerals swatch and review
A reader asked me to review the Wet n' Wild cream liner so I'll be doing that.
LOTS of Hi-Fi swatches
Evil Shades Halloween shadows
Yves Rocher reviews
Meow Christmas swatches
More Fyrinnae swatches
Haus of Gloi pics and reviews
Shiro Swatches
For Strange Women, sort of a review but you can't really review scents as they are very individual.
Random pictures of hauls
And SO much more!

Also Rexall Pharmacy was having a 30% off sale of all lippies and glosses in store today so along with some cough medecine (I is so sick!) I came home with 5 new lippies! Oh and that Maybelline eyestudio eyeshadow quad that Silhouette Screams has been using on her blog lately. I'll try to get some lip swatches for you guys.

See you soon!

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