Wednesday, January 5, 2011

EOTD Rupee Deku

This was my EOTD for my first day back to University yesterday, for yet another semester (can you tell I'm anxious to graduate? :P)

Also I have to stop being lazy and put up the swatches for these :P These pictures do not do Deku justice AT ALL, it is SUCH a lovely colour! Shiro is the only company so far that has made me like browns!

What I used:

UDPP all over lid, crease, and slightly above crease.
PE same as above.
Shiro Rupee all over lid and above crease.
Shiro Deku in crease and outer vee.
Hard Candy brown cream liner on upper lashline.
UD 24/7 liner in zero on waterline and lower lashline.
Nyx dolleyes mascara.

Although you can't see in the picture I had Evil Shades Daydream blush on.
Hard Candy Welcome matte on oil prone spots.
Meow's Pampered puss in Frisky Korat.
Hard Candy Moon Glow.


  1. Thats such a cute colour combo. I really like the look of Shiros greens but I just ordered about a million greens so I good...

  2. New follower :) I like the colors on you!

  3. I JUST ORDERED FROM SHIRO!1! Excited, hehe. x3 I didn't get these colors but I was considering Deku because it looked unique and I don't have anything like it. I never really considered Rupee but the color actually looks really nice in these pics. :)

  4. @ Robyn, Shiro's greens really are lovely! I was actually surprised by how lovely Rupee turned out to be!

    @ Cydonia, Welcome and thank you :)!

    @Kathy, Thank you :D

    @ Emily, I can't wait to order from Shiro again, I'm waiting though because Caitlin is supposed to release something new around the 14th, CAN'T WAIT! Rupee is absolutely lovely and Deku's green sparkle matches it perfectly. I find the pair of them to be perfect for my hazel eyes! When I pass my next order I am getting Deku in full size no question about it!

  5. Cool colour placement! Love that green :)

  6. Thank you, I also love that green and I have SO many different ones!