Monday, May 16, 2011

Not one Sparrow earrings

I bought these lovely earrings back in March from Ina at NotOneSparrow on Etsy. A little while after the order was placed she sent me an email apologizing that my order had taken so long since she was waiting on a new shipment of the jewels used to make my earrings, as an apology she included an extra pair of earrings.

The customer service was great, the packaging was very pretty and even with the delay I did not find that the shipping took very long. The earrings were $16 and the shipping to Canada was $3.25.

Here are the pictures, I ordered the red hearts and she included the lilac ones for free.

I do plan on purchasing some more earrings from this shop in the future, they are really lovely.


  1. Really cute. I love the red ones. And what great CS!

  2. Wow, those earring are gorgeous. I love the red hearts!

  3. Beautiful stones in various colors styled so beautifully that it looks gorgeous.Love the earrings and would love to team them up with lovely attires.