Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quick t-shirt inspired EOTD

I know, long time no post, I've been enjoying my summer! Also it's been too hot to put on make-up, it just melts off!

I tend to wear t-shirts a lot and I often try to match my make-up to the shirt. I might start making this a weekly feature or something since I have SO many t-shirts! Maybe Tuesday t-shirts.

Here's my Hugasaurus Rex inspired look, which turned out very Slytherin-ish, but that's ok too

This is also part of my Fyrinnae challenge, I have almost all the colours in minis and I haven't even used most of them besides swatching. So I'm challenging myself to use all of my minis at least once each and taking pictures of the looks I make. It will also help me decide if I want any of them in full size :)

Sorry about the bad lighting!

What I used:

Lid: Fyrinnae The Randy Ferret
Crease: Sugarpill Bulletproof
Above crease: Fyrinnae Danse Macabre
Highlight: Fyrinnae Moon Child
Corner highlight: Sugarpill Lumi
Lower lash: Evil Shades Double Barell

Mascara: Wet n Wild
Eye liner: Milani black
Cream liner: Spehora brand black


  1. That is so funny! Just few days ago I did a tshirt inspired look (not posted yet) and my husband was laughing at me :) :) :) I'm glad I'm not alone LOL

  2. Love the lid color! The look turned out great! Your shirt is very cute!

  3. @Lyuba, yay we aren't crazy for matching our eyeshadow to our t-shirts! :P

    @Zombie, yes he does but he can't reach with his itty bitty arms! Poor Rexie!

    @Peach, thank you :)

  4. LOL I decided to post my tshirt post ahead of schedule :) You'l see why once it's up! :P :P *trying to be mysterious*